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Talk Like A Pirate

Well, matey, I bet ye heard of Talk Like A Pirate Day - and even International Talk Like A Pirate Day - but de ye know who thought it up, where, why, when and for what reason?

Turns out, way back on June 6th 1995 two mates in Albany (USA) were down on court No. 3 at their YMCA playing a game of racketball when their casual banter and friendly rivalry took on a piraty tone, and they began to sound more like seafarers than locals.

In fact, these two mates, Mark “Cap’n Slappy” Summers and John “Ol’ Chumbucket” Baur, had so much fun talking like a pirate they decided that it would be even more fun if they spoke like that more often - say, one day a year - every year! Which, begad, they did from then on - every year after - on September 19th. Why that day? Well, because it was the only day the two mates were sure they’d remember - the birthday of Mark’s ex-wife’s. 

Ever year from then on, on September 19th they laughed and joked, and enjoyed their pirate language. They even chatted about things they could do so that others could have as much fun as them, but in reality knew that most of their ideas might really come to nothing.

But that was until 2002 when Dave Barry (a syndicated humour columnist) got involved. Then things began to change. 

That was the year that Talk Like A Pirate Day went from two mates having a bit of fun to a day when thousands of people across the world spoke strangely, found a good reason to party, organised a public holiday, or even got together to raise some money for charity. And all for what reason? Simple really… because it would be fun! But then, matey, what better reason could there be?

So how do ye go about celebrating the day? Just speak funny all day - have a pirate party, get together for a bbq, sing some pirate shanties? Ye don’t have to dress up just have fun with your words.
To get ye going, so ye don’t sound like a lousy land lubber, how about using the pirate words below? Or if ye want a whole ship load more visit our A - J Dictionary page and our K - Z Dictionary page.

Avast! – ‘Stop that now!’ or ‘Who’s there?’
Aye – ‘Yes, definitely.’
Aye Aye – ‘Of course, I’ll do that now.’
God’s speed – What you might say when somebody leaves, meaning ‘Travel safe’ or ‘Good luck’.
Loot – Gold and riches usually stolen.
Mate or Matey – Friend
Me – Used instead of ‘my’.
Me beauty – How you would address a pretty lady or something important to you.
Sink me – ‘What a surprise!'
Ye – Used instead of ‘you’.
Yer – Used instead of ‘your’.

Now here be some pirate phrases for ye to use, me hearty. If ye’d like some more go visit our Pirate Sayings page.

‘Ahoy there me hearties! – ‘Hello friends!’
‘Heave to!’ - ‘Stop!’
‘Blow me down!’ - ‘What a surprise!’

But if after all this ye want to discover more about Mark “Cap’n Slappy” Summers and John “Ol’ Chumbucket” Baur and Talk Like A Pirate Day, why not visit their webpage and blog?

Go on, me hearty, celebrate with the world on September 19th and
Talk Like A Pirate!

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