Pirate Sayings

Pirate Sayings

So here ye go, matey, a bounty of pirate sayings so ye can talk like all the famous pirates that sailed the seven seas.
Ahoy there me hearties! – ‘Hello friends!’

All hands on deck – ‘Everybody help, now!’

Batten down the hatches – Tie everything down and prepare for a storm.

Blow me down! – ‘What a surprise!’

Dead men tell no tales – If there are no survivors, nobody can tell other people the bad things I’ve done.

Fire in the hole – ‘Get ready, I’m about to fire a cannon.’

Hang him from the yardarm! – ‘Tie him up!’ What pirates did with their prisoners.

Heave to – ‘Stop.’

No prey, no pay – This means that pirates wouldn’t get pay, instead they got a share of the gold and treasures found or stolen by the crew.

Run a shot across their bow – To fire a shot across the bow of a ship to frighten the crew on that ship or get their attention.

Show a leg – ‘Stop sleeping and get up.’

Splice the mainbrace – To have an alcoholic drink or two.

Thar she blows! – ‘I see a whale.’

Three sheets to the wind – To have drunk too much alcohol.

Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen! – ‘Lift the anchor and unfurl the sails, it’s time to set sail.’ 

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