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Pirate Quiz

Here be a shipload of pirate type questions to find out if ye be a landlubber or a true pirate.

So be brave and walk the plank to see if ye measure up as a true pirate.
All answers can be found on The-Pirate-Ship.com

Q 1. What is Edward Teach's Pirate name?

Black Bart. Blackbeard. Black Bellamy.

Q 2. Pirates believed that pierced ears would improve their…

Bravery. Eyesight. Fortune.

Q 3. What was Davy Jones Locker?

Seabed. Treasure Chest. Captain's Loot.

Q 4. Who used the poopcabin?

Crew. Poopers. Captain.

Q 5. Where did pirates find weevils?

Underwater. In food. In boots.

Q 6. Pirating was most common between…

1480 - 1530 1615 - 1640 1690 - 1720

Q 7. How many ways can you spell the type of song a pirate sang while working?

One. Two. Three.

Q 8. How deep is a fathom?

1 foot. 6 feet. 24 feet.

Q 9. Where is the prow of a ship?

Top of the Mast. At the Front. At the Back.

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